Documentary Subtitled in English. Speech English spoken. Lindwer Croiset

The same condition as the Dutch one.

English version Documentary subtitled In English

Introduction voice over Willy Lindwer

MANJA – A Life Behind Invisible Bars. – Dutch documentary maker Willy Lindwer made a 57- minute documentary about Manja Croiset’s life. for sale

Synopsis Manja – A Life Behind Invisible Bars 

The movie made its debut in 2014 at the Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Showed on Nationaal Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam April 2018 And is also in the collection of Yad Vashem included the autobiography with a Wink in the darkness. Introduced through a speech from the author.


Speech Manja Croiset 22/4 2018 Manja,Willy Lindwer

Speech van 22/4 2018 vertoond op die dag in het NHM en documentaire Nederlandse versie met ww. Manja, een leven achter onzichtbare tralies door de cineast Willy Lindwer. 2016 ATV5

Op tevragen in bijzondere gevallen. 

Media e.d. 

Allebei in de collectie van Yad Vashem

Met vriendelijke groet.

Manja Croiset