Famous? © Manja Croiset

Today in the Netherlands
                              MEMORIAL DAY.
Inappropriate or just the right moment for an (in)convenient truth.
Up to you to judge.
Not in the mood for official commemorations.
Neither the uniforms or the royals
I am mourning in my own way.
But upset, just at eight a o ‘ clock I received an e mail ,
because I did complain about a present I ordered for on the internet.
Humble and honoured.

I can make the announcement of also being on this list.


(Right now I do notice Bart Berman, my sister in Israel Marjolijn Croiset)
Gave my first three books too te Dutch Community and he has written a rather good review.
My Wikipedia is rather impressive.
How do they have al those information. The books not difficult, the list how it come?
Not a slightest idea.
I cann’t understand it at all.
Most of the time the question:
” are you family from the famous actors or clairvoyant.”
Only a few people do know.
My name is in a way well known.
My books are barely saled.
With a tremendous effort / very hard labour, I finished my last book.
Writing a book on an iPad is very difficult.
Maybe after my death the breakthrough will come.
My inheritage.
Books written in an uncommon way.
I am still overhere, but also saying goodbye…
Feel free to correct my English too exhausted, to do this in proper way.
In Dutch I do say:
                                          “Laat tot wasdom, snel verwelkt”
Not within my character to do nothing at all.
I am not a vegetable… but it will be less and less and if people have the impression,
I don’t care what other people are doing or how they are feeling, they are wrong.
Freedom of mind, but please  do have a little bit consideration with my feelings.
A few from my books
( I have chosen for this site, because the first pages 10% of the entire book.)
You can order them everywhere, sites or bookshops.
Bye for now and do me a favour, don’t send me private messages.
Only the book for children Wendy is mine the others. I really don’t know.
Sincerely yours
Manja Croiset
Education basic.
A m.d. give me this brand in her dissertation also there is the magen David , who created Me Manja,
no the swastika did and as well
“mental patient.”
A few from my stigmata.

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